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Sonoma County Deputy kills a disabled man because he carjacked his own car

Another choke hold death revealed in today’s release of body cam video. Because three large deputies against a disabled man who was, as a deputy’s lawyer’s claim, ”responsible for his own death”.

Darn being pulled over because you don’t look like you own your car. Shame on you being pulled out by the car window and slamming your head against your own car. Then being tased and then choked, which made death a lot easier. The video demonstrates how quickly one can die without even trying to sell loose cigarettes.



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A California sheriff’s deputy sped down the road in the early-morning darkness, trying to pull over the car in front of him. The green Honda Civic had been stolen days earlier, and now, the driver refused to stop.
The pursuit involved several officers. After the chase ended, Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy Charlie Blount arrived at the scene. Body-camera footage captured him slamming the driver’s head into the frame of the car, which turned out to belong to the man. The driver stopped breathing and was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
In a video released Friday that also contained the body-camera footage, Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick said Blount had been on administrative leave since the incident and would remain so until the end of the internal investigation and any appeals of the result, but that he had been issued a notice of termination.…