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Somewhere out there is a hero…a truthteller …and the person who will save America.

I truly believe there has to be one…just one…maybe more than one hero to step up to a microphone with some documents in hand and tell the world what the White House and enablers are hiding. I truly believe there is someone out there who is willing to lead this country out of the chaos we are enduring and they know who they are.   I do not care which party is wrongdoing or which party exposes…I just care about the truth.  

I cannot accept the fact that America has turned into a cowardly, greedy, grafting blob of weakling and spineless zombies shivering and shaking in their boots over one man and his enablers out of the millions of citizens and thousands who work for the Federal government that would be so afraid of their own jobs, monies, positions and even repricussions to self rather than save the country, and make a difference across the globe.  Where is our Martin Luther King?  Where is our Bobby Kennedy?

Where is our Sully?   Where is our Joan of Arc?  Where is this person or persons who possess the bravery gene WITH information that does not have to depend on legislators to pick for the truth like picking nits off the scalp invested with lice.  Where is our John F. Kennedy who stood against Soviet Forces with a blockade during the Cuban Missile Crisis for 13 days in Ocotber?

This one hero can request a judge to meet them on the Capitol Steps and swear them in under oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but as they uphold the constitution.  Where is this person to step to microphone and say, “I have the Tax records, I have records, I have taped conversations and I have information to take action against this administration.   I am here.  I love my country enough to try and save our democracy and uphold the law and to tell Americans there is hope because the truth will prevail even after I am gone.  There has to be someone who can step in front of a free press ( while we still have one) and say, “For every child who has been separated, for every unjust and greedy deed done to my knowledge, I am here and here to expose it to the world.”

I have to keep believing there is one  or maybe  more than one brave soul out there willing to step up to the cameras and tell it all and under oath.  

Hero for the history books…Please step up if you are listening.   

This is not a delusional dream.  There are people who KNOW the truth and possess the evidence and all they have to do is step up.  The truth will set not just set you but us all free.

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