Something you can do to help stop the sabotage of the Post Office: #FreeUpTheMail

According to DeJoy, the corrupt Postmaster installed by a board appointed entirely of Trump fanatics, claimed he wasn’t responsible for any of the changes that have caused the massive slowdown in the mail. It was some unknown person who cut overtime pay, removed mail boxes, and destroyed mail sorting machines.  However, he also said he wouldn’t reverse of the changes of this mystery person.

Thirty-four state require that mail-in ballots arrive by COB Election Day. Trump’s goal has been to massively slow down the mail so many of those ballots won’t arrive. There are twice as many Democrats planning to vote by mail than Republicans, so there is a real danger here. That was the point.

The GOP has plotted for years on how they are going to harass and intimidate voters in the polls this election. The surge in mail-in ballots that Trump hates caught them off guard, which is why Steven Mnuchin personally got involved in the Postmaster General selection process and picked a guy who immediately made drastic changes that they actually thought wouldn’t be noticed.  

There’s a way to fight back. From October 3 to November 3, please lay off the mail. No cards, no packages, no letters.  Help relieve the post offices. Even if only Democrats do this, it will make a significant difference.