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Something really big might be brewing in New York, Nixon falsely accused of anti-Semitism

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I still don’t hold it in the realm of possibility, but a candidate’s actions speak loudly.  The New York Democratic Committee, controlled by Cuomo loyalists, sent out a mailer accusing Cynthia Nixon of being an anti-Semite.  As the New York Times suggests this is as low and despicable as it gets.  And it is Democrat on Democrat despicable which makes it that much worse.  I still think that Cuomo is going to win. I just can’t comprehend him losing.  But he has basically burned bridges with progressives (not that he ever had a chance to move beyond New York). Why would he do something like this? Why would he take this type of chance? When we look at Texas and see Cruz doing something like this we suggest it is because he is sweating.  There must be something in the internal polls.  He wants to get the Orthodox vote out (they probably were not going to vote for Cynthia Nixon anyway).

Cuomo losing would an a 9.8 magnitude earth quake for the Democratic party.  I hate Cuomo and yet I don’t think Nixon has a chance.  Am I wrong?

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