Something is happening here. What are we not being told?

This is an observation and not CT.  There is something so very wrong in this country that just does not make sense to those who still have some sense left.

I have many questions.   Why are people who appeared to be fair minded, respectful and even so called people of faith remaining silent, unengaged or just plain disrespectful to those who feel they have a duty to the constitution of this country?   What is happening?   I have always heard good guys finish last but I never heard that bad guys never have to pay, especially when caught.   What is going on when every last republican is standing with Trump?  Why does overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing get enabled?  Why are people of character and good will and dutiful being not only slammed and smeared but appear to be invisible?  Why was Puerto Rico ignored?  Why is land being taken for a stupid wall?    Why are kids in cages and families separated?   Why are people like Romney and Collins ( critical of Trump) being wined and dined?  Why ?   Why are the American people allowing institutions to be insulted and ignored to eventually decay and die?   WHY?

If it is evil that seems to be in charge, then one must be a believer of some faith to equate good and evil.  I do not understand.

There is a civil war going on or appears to be.   What would have people done during WWII done if they had not sold tires, sacrificed for WWII, rationed many things on behalf of defeating a fascist regime?  I know, I know a different time but not a different constitution.   We have had many bad things happen from Trail of Tears to  riots and horrendous things during the civil rights movement and the war between the north and south but we have looked to our representatives with the exception of the Civil War to come to the aid of our country.

What are we not being told that so few are engaged..( few in comparison to the country as a whole) or upholding corruption by doing nothing?   What more do we have to lose when we are seeing all the suffering and corruption?  Are the ones who can make wrong, right know something that is holding America hostage by a TV reality host?  These people who are shielding Trump like Graham, and others have been called names people would have dueled over years ago.  If someone had called my wife names and my father an assisinator, I would never defend their actions.  Why was the republican platform changed?  Why so many Russians?

I think the one thing that bothered me first was that TV phony wiped out 14 republicans in the primary after all of his non presidential slurs.  He wiped out powerful people.  It takes something to wipe out a Bush.

The second thing was his dark inaguration and never ending slurs and lies and now national security breaches.  What really concerned me, was when Sam Nunn, a man who knows terrorist threats from pandemics to nukes and worked for the Obama administration recommened Rex Tillerson for Sec. of State.  The third thing was when Tillerson said Trump was an idiot and left.  Not a word from Nunn or Tillerson since then.

We have seen the likes of Bolton and others leaving, walking out and yet we hear the same crickets when it comes to going under oath and telling the American People the truth.

Book deal?  Maybe but I don’t think that is all there is.  To be honest I don’t know what it is but I am afraid to think what it could be.

Mueller?  He seemed shaken up in my eyes by leaving things out of his report. There are things since we have learned  more from the impeachment hearings.  We have a few good men and women in congress but I can’t put my finger on what is going on here from the rest of the country.

Former presidents are saying nothing.  Not Obama.  Not Bush.   Very little from Biden.   What?????  What is it some of these people know that we don’t?   I want to know or maybe I don’t but one thing for sure, it feels like we are being held hostage.  I also feel like if anyone believes Romney met Trump today to only discuss vaping… then they will believe any smoke blown up their butts.

Have we already been taken over?  Is America already gone or threatned to be gone if we go against this corruption here in the USA?  Are we going to have to go along if 2020 does nothing and what then?


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