and to digest.

Let me get into why I wound up reading it in a publication to which I would normally not go, National Review.  I follow The Atlantic  writer Adam Serwer for several reasons. First, he is the son of my Haverford College classmate Dan Serwer.  He has an interesting background:  Dan, formerly a Vice President at the US Institute of Peace,  is white and Jewish, and Adam’s mother, Jacquelyn Days Serwer, is the Chief Curator of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of African American History and Culture and is African American. They were classmates at New Rochelle High School.

Second, Adam is  one of most astute writers on matters of race and culture in the US, as anyone following his work in The Atlantic already knows

So I think you can understand my reaction when this morning I read this tweet:


That took me to a piece at National Review titled America Begins to See More Clearly Now What Its Black Citizens Always Knew. The author is Theodore R. Johnson, who is a former Commander in the Navy, holds a BS in mathematics from Hampton University, an ALM with a concentration in international relations from Harvard University, and a doctorate of law and policy from Northeastern University. He has had a distinguished career, about which you can read at The Brennan Center for Justice.

Let me say that reading the piece to which I am directing you, for which I again provide a link, took my breath away when I read it.

Please keep reading this post.

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