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Something don't feel right. If he was doing all that well, he would be in front of the cameras.

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This is just a theory but has anyone seen him today?  Has a video been posted?   Hmmmm.  

We know there are tweets.   Buttttttt anyone can tweet from his twitter account.   He probably does not want the public to see him coughing or breathing.  Is this just my thought?

Speculation runs wild of course when we get no information but something just does not seem right.  Any docs out there making rose colored remarks?  I have not heard a thing but I have been avoiding but as much as he loves attention and the VP debate tonight…he is not center of attention.

Something just does not seem right.

Any updates on Melania, Christie, Hicks?  White House gone silent.  I know he did not just go camera shy.  

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