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Someone hangs a Huge Russian Flag on Salisbury Cathedral, RT Opines They Might be “Trolling Russia”.

Welp, Bernie announced so I suppose a lot of energy around here today will be dead-icated to re-fighting the 2016 Primary War.

Pro tip: We don’t nominate a candidate for 18 months.

In other news someone hung a huge, and I mean huge, Russian flag on Salisbury Cathedral early Sunday morning, on about the one year anniversary of the 2018 novichok poison attacks in Salisbury, which claimes the life of one British citizen and sickened two Russian emigres.

Base on my intimate knowledge of workplace scaffolding, I would say the flag pictured above is at least 16X24 feet in size, which I would propose kinda rules out a teenage prank.

The Guardian

”Salisbury MP John Glen said: “Thankfully, it [the flag] has been removed now – what a stupid stunt – mocking the serious events sadly experienced in Salisbury last year.”

Jo Broom, a Conservative councillor for the St Martin’s and Cathedral ward, said: “My initial reaction was one of huge shock and disbelief that someone would think this was in any way a good thing to do. If it was a joke, it was in very poor taste. Particularly when we are going into the first anniversary of the novichok attack, and are trying to move forward and look to the positive.”

Dawn Sturgess, 44, died from novichok contamination when she used a perfume bottle containing the nerve agent in June last year. Angry Salisbury residents called the act disgusting and insensitive. One posted on social media: “It is in poor taste. Remember an innocent victim, Dawn Sturgess, lost her life because of it. I am sure her grieving family, especially her young daughter, do not find this amusing.”

I don’t think this was a stunt or a joke, a flag of that size would cost thousands of dollars, or the equivalent in Pounds Sterling, Rubles, Euros, or whatever currency the operative used to purchase it.   

RT postulated an amusing theory, though I won’t link to them here – that the flag was hung to “troll” Russia.

“Trolling Russia, or mocking British paranoia? HUGE Russian flag flies from Salisbury Cathedral.

The flag, which appeared overnight or early Sunday, was unfurled atop scaffolding encasing part of the famous site as it undergoes maintenance repairs. It’s not clear whether the banner was an act of supreme trolling against Russia, or a peculiar indication of support for Russia.”

Hey, RT, I wouldn’t characterize the probable work of Russian agents as a “peculiar indication of support for Russia.”  or a example of “mocking British paranoia.”

How about it was just another Putin approved act of espionage meant to dishearten the British peoples?

I wager that is closer to the truth.


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