I have no medical expertise but I do understand data and government policy.   So make of this what you will.

First the good news.  One of my students was just named a 2nd string HS All-American in basketball, and another was named Honorable mention, both considered in top 50 in country & with D-1 full rides already.  I have congratulated both via email.

We are both healthy, sufficient quantities of food & prescriptions on hand,

Now the not so good news.  One former student & his mother are quarantined, considered possibly positive & unable to get a test.  A good friend who lives two blocks away is positive & quarantined at home.  It gets ever more personal.

If either us develops symptoms, our PCP can prescribe a test which would be scheduled at a site 6 blocks from our house (we could drive if necessary).

Technically we are on spring break until Tuesday, at which time we resume virtual school.  I am rethinking what we will do, and for now operating on presumption we will not resume.  Virginia has closed schools for rest of year.  So far MD, where I teach, is closed only through April 24, although we expect that to be extended.

And now, below the squiggle, the random thoughts.