I’m one of the first to pan the Media and MSNBC, but I was pleasantly surprised by some of what I saw today.

First up, MSNBC went into the latest Monmouth Poll.  And on MTP, they did go into the fact that there is a 5.7% range in the poll.  While I am a Warren supporter and would normally jump at this poll results, I will wait for more polling data to roll in.  Normally, little things like how many were actually polled goes missing in reporting on polls.

What I did not know was that the Monmouth Poll is one of those standard polls that the DNC is relying upon to make their selections for who gets on the debate stage.  And from what was reported unless another one of those standard polls shows up by Weds, the debate line up is basically set.  And MSNBC did report that Tom Steyer needs one more poll showing him at 2% to get into the September debate.

To be honest, I would like Steyer to make the cut because it would force ABC to have two nights for the debate with 5-6 candidates per evening.  However, if it is still ten candidates, ABC will put them all on one night.  And we all know how “wonderful” it is to watch ten candidates try to debate one another.

And you know what?  When Chuck Todd is not on his show, minor miracles of political news and commentary can bloom.  Little things like Zerlina Maxwell and Gabriel Debenedetti show up as panelists.  And nice things were said about Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren!

And both Debenedetti and Maxwell had an interesting observation about the Democratic race:  most of the major candidates have incorporated into their messages that just defeating Trump is NOT enough to fix what is wrong with this nation.  Sanders, Warren, Booker, Buttigieg, Harris, and O’Rourke have said in one form or another that their are fundamental problems with this country that need addressing and have tried to present an agenda or vision to fix those problems.

You notice the guy who is missing?   

Maxwell stressed that Biden’s argument is that if you elect him that he will take you back to a time before Trump, and Debenedetti agreed with that assessment.  Maxwell was definitely not impressed with Biden’s central message because POC were having problems even before Trump became president.  Biden supporters will dismiss this assessment, but it is what Biden is pitching.  And as Debenedetti pointed out while Biden may still be the front runner, there is approximately 70% of the Democratic electorate that is not sold on the idea that just defeating Trump will return us to a better time.

Anyway, I found it interesting and refreshing news and commentary.  

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