Some Predictions About Tonight's Democratic Presidential Debate.

Safe Bets For Tonight:

  • It’s hosted by CNN and NYT, so the questions to the candidates are going to suck.
  • The moderators want this to become a professional wrestling match, so look for lots of questions crafted to spark fights among the candidates.
  • I predict Erin Burnett will ask Warren and Sanders about how they will pay for all their programs.  She’s the corporate shill (she has defended getting toxic food and toys from China).  And this is a gotcha question to get Democrats to say, “Taxes on the middle class will go up.”  Note to centrists on Daily Kos:  I wouldn’t smile too much when Warren and Sanders get asked this question.  The centrists in the race haven’t said how they will pay for a public option or “Medicare if you choose it” either.
  • And because China “expert” Erin Burnett is there, expect a question on how to deal with China.
  • The topic of cimate change will get short shrift.
  • Warren will be asked about her autobiography.  It’s part of a right wing smear campaign.  
  • Biden or one of the other candidates will be asked about Hunter Biden.  Also part of a right wing smear campaign.
  • Sanders or one of the other candidates will be asked about Sander’s health.  Or there will be a question about the top tier candidates being too old.

Highly Likely Outcomes:

  • Biden says the name “Obama” many, many, many times tonight.
  • Warren has a plan for any questions she is asked.
  • Sanders talks about Medicare for All and links it to his recent heart attack to personalize this for the audience.
  • Buttigieg will throw some jabs on policy toward Warren, Sanders, and Biden.  He has a plan to be “pragmatic progressive.”  Given that Buttigieg is starting to wear thin with the other campaigns, I expect a counter punch from Warren, Sanders, and Biden.  If none of them have a quick counter jab planned, they are not doing their homework.
  • Harris will talk about prosecuting the case against Trump.
  • Amy Klobuchar will continue her standard lines about being from the middle of the country and not making promises she cannot keep.  Real barn burner stuff.
  • If any fighting starts between the candidates, Booker will jump in and try to mediate and tell us to focus on Trump.
  • Beto will try to have a moment if possible.  Probably it will be about gun control again and white nationalism.  But time constraints are going to screw him over.
  • Gabbard will be a chaos agent.  I expect her to throw a punch or two.  My guess would be at Warren.  It’s her last chance on the stage, hopefully.