Twitter is full of many demands to cancel one or another Democrat when the real enemy will be culpable for mass contagion deaths on the road to fascism.

Amid the folks demanding Sanders quit the race because Biden supporters want a decisive victory by convention time, we are reminded of those who wanted him to do the same things in 2016.

The converse applies to those who would keep up attacks on Sanders or Biden for…. reasons, some of which are no different than ones applicable to Trump, and only compel other examples of false equivalence. After all, Tulsi Gabbard is claiming she’s being erased while polling at 3% in Florida.

“The Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Dovere wrote this week:”What role does he take in responding to the chatter circulating among some of his supporters , and promoted by his aides, that Biden is in hiding (he isn’t) because he’s supposedly in cognitive decline (fueled by [misleading] videos online showing Biden misspeaking and stumbling)??” His national co-chair, Nina Turner, continues retweeting debunked attacks, misleading clips of Biden and nasty insults. She and others continue to fan the flames of die-hard conspiracy-mongers who attribute Sanders’ losses to the “establishment.” Likewise, Vanity Fair reported: “The anti-Biden pile-up may be the last stand for Bernieworld, a final social media assault before the primary- and the possibility of a President Sanders, a dream of many on the left for nearly five years- becomes out of reach. The amplification of questions about Biden’s fitness for office has demonstrated the reach of the pro-Bernie world, with widely followed lefty journalists and podcast hosts sharing clips and claims to millions. It may not be officially coordinated, but it doesn’t have to be to be effective.”…………

(h/t Dem)

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