Some of Those GOP SCIF-Crashers Could Have Gotten In Legally

Buzzfeed picked up a list compiled by Emptywheel that shows at least 12 of those Congressidjits who stormed into the SCIF this morning already had the right to be there:

  1. Ken Buck√*
  2. Paul Gosar√*
  3. Mark Green*
  4. Jody Hice√*
  5. Jim Jordan√*
  6. Fred Keller*
  7. Carol Miller*
  8. Ralph Norman*
  9. Mark Meadows√*
  10. Scott Perry√*
  11. Ron Wright*
  12. Lee Zeldin√*

(Those with checkmarks were in the House in 2017 and voted that staging a protest on the House floor was against the rules.)

Jim Jordan (or Gym Jordan as he’s known around here) was even in the room yesterday:

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the president's lead defender in the room, was tight-lipped as he emerged from the closed-door deposition for a lunch break. He praised what he described as GOP lawyers’ effective questioning of Taylor but declined to say whether it yielded exculpatory information.…

I wonder if after they cleared out all the ones who weren’t on the appropriate committees, Jordan quietly stayed behind; maybe he’ll claim he was pretending to be a Democrat?