Yes, I am no fan of Joe Biden, but this article from Tiger Beat On The Potomac demonstrates really does no justice to Biden.  The Good News for Biden:  his centrist political opponents are inept and waiting on Biden to destroy himself.  The Bad News for Biden:  his political allies and friends don’t know when to shut up.

Let’s start with the good news.  Biden’s political opponents — and I limit this to his centrist competitors —  for the presidency haven’t figured out how to appeal to his supporters.  And I think it is a safe assumption that it is Biden’s fellow centrists who are blabbing to Tiger Beat.  This is a media outlet where Republicans and centrists Democrats love to run to, especially when they want to push their talking points.

First up is John Hickenlooper.  One of his former staffers said that when Biden entered the race, Hickenlooper’s donations and fundraising started to dry up.  OK.  But what about Hickenlooper’s message to Democratic voters?  Couldn’t Hickenlooper’s message have connected with Democratic voters and began some small donor funding?

And again, in June, Hickenlooper's campaign conducted several focus groups in Iowa after Hickenlooper made waves with a California speech warning Democrats against flirting with socialism. Iowa voters, surveyed by the Hickenlooper campaign, “really, really liked” what the governor had to say, but they wouldn't budge from Biden.

“It just wasn't enough to peel them away,” the staffer said. “It was difficult, if not impossible, to take voters away from him. He's going to have to lose them.”

If we take this Hickenlooper staffer at his/her word, where is the data to support the notion that Iowa’s Democrats “really, really liked” when Hickenlooper was bashing progressives?  Let’s face facts.  The presidential primary race is won in the state caucuses and primaries.  Shouldn’t Hickenlooper have just put most of his eggs in the Iowa basket?  Those Iowa Democrats supposedly “really, really liked” Hickenlooper’s message.  If he had done well in Iowa, it might have been an electoral  springboard.

Fine, Hickenlooper is done and gone off to run for the U.S. Senate in CO.  

But what about those other centrist competitors?  What is their master plan for being the alternative to Biden?  Hope and pray that Biden implodes.

Many moderates entered the race on a singular bet that “Biden can’t survive,” said a top Democratic strategist who advised several presidential contenders before they announced their candidacies. With the exception of the two top-polling progressives, nearly every candidate has some variation of “when Biden fails” written into their campaign plans, premising much of their appeal as a palatable alternative.

“Is Joe Biden an ice cube that will melt this fall, or is Joe Biden an iceberg that will carry him all the way to November?” said Dan Sena, who led the Democrats' House takeover in 2018 and is now advising Sen. Michael Bennet in his presidential campaign. “Until that vote frees up, it's hard for anyone else to move.”

The emboldened, italics, and underlined is my doing.

What killer instincts and drive those Democrats have.  “I’m going to wait for the other guy to die, then I will swoop in to save the day.”  And even Tiger Beat found this more than a little amusing:

It is a sensation underpinning the entire primary, evident not only in the vulturous calculations of Biden’s competitors, but also within his own orbit of supporters — a feeling that the front-runner may be made of porcelain, one direct hit short of falling apart.

They got compared to vultures by the media outlet they are running their mouths off to.  Carrion eaters are not much of a threat.  That’s the good news for Biden.

But the bad news for Biden is that a number of his supporters went on the record about their anxiety:

“There’s a clear worry among Biden supporters that he can’t be the front-runner from June of 2019 through July of 2020 … that eventually, the gaffes will pile up and he’ll come down,” said Ed Rendell, a former Pennsylvania governor and one of Biden’s most vocal supporters.

Many of Biden’s supporters, said Rendell, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, are “nervous as hell.”

And is not just Rendell saying all this shit, or so Politco reports.  I am really kind of stunned by this.  I guess this is some form of intervention by prominent Biden supporters, but I would think that you might want to keep this on the down low.

  • September 10, 2019