Some Chicken S*** Democrats Want To Ignore Trump's Racism.

Amanda Turkel of Huffington Post is reporting that some chicken shit Democrats in congress want to ignore Trump’s racism.

One anonymous House Democrat told CNN host Jake Tapper that what Trump did was “politically brilliant” and that he “won this one.” Another advised that Democrats should simply move on: “The president’s words and actions speak for themselves. We need to focus on the issues that got them here: jobs, health care.”

Aides to two different Democratic House members told HuffPost that on Wednesday, before Trump’s rally, their party leadership presented members with material suggesting that describing the president as “ineffective,” rather than “racist,” was a more politically savvy strategy.

I know what I think of this strategy.  It’s the old “I need those racist voters,” so I don’t want to upset them routine.  As I wrote about before, I’m seeing that play out in the Kentucky Governors race, so it is not just Capitol Hill Democrats hoping to ignore dealing with racism.

And I witnessed that today with one of the so called Democrats running for president.  John Hickenlooper was being interviewed on MSNBC, and while he denounced Trump’s Tweets as racist, he quickly pivoted to talking about economic issues.  Hickenlooper really did not want to linger on Trump’s racism or go into details about Trump’s racist policies.

To be fair to Hickenlooper, he did state with one powerful word what Trump’s family separation policy really is : kidnapping.  He did this during the televised debate, and I think it wrapped up Trump’s cruelty and criminality in one word.  Kidnapping.  As Hickenlooper said, “Kidnapping is illegal in Colorado.”

But he didn’t bring this up in his MSNBC interview.

Yes, dealing with racism is going to be ugly.  But it’s a moral issue.  And dealing with moral issues can be very, very, very messy.  

But POC who experience racism are not going to feel much comfort from those Democrats who hope that they can ignore Trump’s racist policies.  And they may not show up to vote for Democrats in 2020.