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Social Distance Warriors: Fox News Cootie Cops rebrand COVID-19 as “Wuhan Virus” because xenophobia

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Lowest Common Denominator Disinformation continues at Fox News, as they report on official attempts by Mike Pompeo and others calling COVID-19 a “Chinese Covid” or “Wuhan Virus” 

The media framing at Fox News seems to have been now directed as sinophobic tropes, with an accompanying CT that COVID-19 is a Chinese bio-warfare plot. It has gotten picked up by RWNJ GOP Congress members like Paul Gosar.




In August 2015, social justice warrior was one of several new words and phrases added to Oxford Dictionaries.[1][10][11] Martin states that “the perceived orthodoxy [of progressive politics] has prompted a backlash among people who feel their speech is being policed”.[1]

Use of the term has been described as attempting to degrade the motivations of the person accused of being an SJW, implying that their motives are “for personal validation rather than out of any deep-seated conviction”.[3]…


Social distancing is a term applied to certain nonpharmaceutical infection control actions that are taken by public health officials to stop or slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease. The objective of social distancing is to reduce the probability of contact between persons carrying an infection, and others who are not infected, so as to minimize disease transmission, morbidity and ultimately, mortality.[1]

Historically, leper colonies and lazarettos were established as a means of preventing the spread of leprosy and other contagious diseases through social distancing,[5] until transmission was understood and effective treatments were invented.…



Acronyms gone wild


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