So you thought the Orange Blimp would dissipate in a puff of ocherous smog?

Once upon a time a long time ago Republicans stood for obstructing Democrats no matter what the cost by claiming  capitalist conservatism or other such nonsense. They were then engulfed in a miasma of tangerine bile.

In a resurgence of democracy their tinted demagogue was deposed. Hallelujah! One would have thought. But no.

Even the most rabidly malignant of conservatives, the daughter of a shoot you in the face republican, was not safe from the apricot leaders wrath.

“The election was stolen” [it wasn’t] they cry “adding up numbers is treason”!

“There was no insurrection [there was] damn your lying eyes”, they wail.

“Long live the kumquat cult”, they howl, “persecute the unbelievers”!

Even Monty Python would have struggled in making the “Life of Donald” and they enjoyed toying with the limits of sanity.

This is what happens when you become a cult.

Sense and sensibility take a hike.

  • May 13, 2021