Back when the WWII soldiers left their families and stormed the beaches of Normandy under fire and away from loved ones, they made sacrafices and huge sacrifices.  It was not a comfortable time.

When Korean soldiers weathered the freezing cold in the Forgotten War, they made huge sacrafices and away from family and friends.  They faced this type of discomfort:

In the jungles of Vietnam , soldiers  carrying 100 lbs of gear in 100 plus heat walking miles and miles in the jungle facing down trip wires, fire fights,  and death could happen from a single scratch in the brush once infected plus agent orange being dumped, not to mention monsoons and meals left over from WWII and many not even knowing why they were there but they sacraficed and left family and friends because their country sent them to a foreign land.  They sacraficed.

Iraq and Afghanistan :

Soldiers fighting even without proper body armour, in unbearable heat, avoiding IED, facing traumatic brain injuries, for years and year, tour after tour, and without question made sacrafices again for a country that called on their service.  The wars are many times unjust but the warriors are to be remembered for their sacrafice.


Now we come to The cornovirus killing Americans in 2020 and all Americans are asked to do is put this on and stay six feet apart in social distance to fight this disease.  Be ever so sure it is a war and a race against time to find a cure and the soldiers on the Front lines are our Healthcare and first responders and too many people cannot even do this small sacrafice for the frontline soldiers and their fellow Americans.   

THIS!… Look at this this small sacrafice.

This is all people are asked to do:  Compare this simple sacrafice to the ones above that felt scared, uncomfortable and for a longer period of time AWAY from family and friends.  Do you  think all that gear was comfortable? 

You do have the right to not wear a mask, or a condom regarding other diseases, but YOU do not have the right to endanger your community and family and other Americans during a pandemic and ignore the CDC guidelines, regardless of what some leaders think.   This is not how patriotism works.  You look out for your fellow citizens.   You are no patriot if you do not practice social distancing and wearing face masks in public.  You have no one, including your own back. when you do not  follow the CDC guidelines when going out in public.    You would never have made it in other wars.   By not following the CDC guidelines, it does not make you a patriot.  It makes you a selfish, ignorant, coward and your freedoms end where others begin so get off that so called patriotic highhorse.  You are making an ass and a danger to yourself and others.  They used to lock people away when they became a danger to themselves and others.  the least every governor could do is fine the non caring a hefty fine.   Want to be mask free and hugged up to others?  Stay Home.  I imagine everyone who feels uncomfortable would have run for the hills or been dead the first day in a shooting war.   The reason we have so many dead right now, is there no strategy from the top and no real patriots leading the war for the most part.  Those bullets are real from Covid.  They are invisible and many do suffer long term effects.  Not all danger is visible.

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