Crickets?  Do I hear crickets?   Or is that just chatter?   Leadership needs a little backing, like about half of the country, every single day.   I am as bad as anyone else on here griping about Pelosi and Shumer and all those elected to represent, We the People.  We are the change.   No one is coming to rescue us except us. 

The rules have been thrown in the flames along with the constitution.   There is time to preserve it and retrieve it from the fire that is engulfing it, but it takes action by the People.   

This is going to sound harsh but women would still be chained to the gates at the White House had there not been a Suffrage movement.   Don’t look now but they are trying to throw us back to that position.   Had MLK not heard the cry of the oppressed and suffering in the south, segragation would still be commonplace.  One Million showed up in 1963 and thousands stayed parked outside in DC during the Vietnam War.  This is it.  This is how the wheels move.  Some of us are too old or sick to travel that road again but we can instruct, we can teach, we can inspire.

You have to want freedom enough to move into an uncomfortable place in your life.   You have to want the law to apply to everyone and want it bad.  You have to be willing to do some sacraficing.  You have to be willing to stand and take your place in history.   

We had Nixon, but it was not a foreign power but it was lawbreaking just the same.

We had a war going on for 15 years with a draft and poison being sprayed on our youth.

We had young people gunned down at Kent State University by the National Guard.

We had Presidential Candidate Robert Kennedy shot and killed.  We had a President Killed.  We had Martin Luther King killed and  they all pursued justice in trying to preserve a more perfect union.  We have dead soliders buried who stood for the constitution and lost limbs and imprisoned.  We have Memorial Day coming up, and we do nothing but have a BBQ, send thoughts and prayers and this is how we honor our fallen?

We had bombings and beatings and the rule of law being thrown by the way side by governors like Wallace.  We had riots in the streets.  We had a lot of people dying and a lot of people crying.  You know what we had then that we don’t have now?  A desire to change things by foot rather than by complaining on a machine and a petition.   

Do you really think we are going to have a fair election when the problem that existed in 2016 is still ongoing and possibly upscaled?  Do you think the country was not divided in the 60’s?   Do you think people WANTED to get in the street and walk out of classrooms and petition their government with non violence to be seen and heard knowing there could be dire consequences?   No, people did not want to leave Mama and Daddy and Granny and cousins and Aunts and Uncles to face down people in authority.  They knew they had to for things to start grinding the wheels of justice.  

Look where we are.   We have families separated and being deported.  Puerto Rico in shambles.  We have government officials threatning witnesses and graft and corruption and the rule of law thumbed at.  We have a war monger named Bolton itching to start a war with Iran.  We have a mobster for a president.  We have kids dying at the border.  We have a justice system where women are laying down in isolation bleeding trying to give birth alone.   We have kids being shot at school and families afraid to go to the movies.  We have voter suppression and poll taxes.  I never heard in the past a Speaker of the House say, he may not leave even with a fair election… NEVER !

We have a country awash in military style weapons and a country damn near collapse over apathy or waiting for the next shoe to drop off this crooked centipede.  When is enough enough?  What are we prepared to do?  I have been at this rodeo before and it isn’t a smooth ride.  It doesn’t get better.  It gets worse.  When does one make a stand?  At what point do we let right beat wrong?  You think the election will change anything?  What makes you think it will?  We had one in 2018 and are basically being laughed at.   

We had a former first lady sit for 11 hours being grilled and yet we can’t get any of this bunch to show up for legal investigation questions for 10 minutes.   We had a President inpeached over a civil trial on what the meaning of is , is regarding an affair that was of mututal consent by two adults and a stain on a blue dress.   My Lord look at what Trump has done in plain sight.  They are running over us with our money while diligently picking fights over trade with China.  Look at them screwing with your healthcare and the price of drugs.   Unless you are a millionaire and Trump whisperer...YOU DON’T MATTER!

I don’t know what to think anymore.   It is your future because most of us old folks will be dead and gone before this mess clears.  If you want a future, you have to stand up and not back down.  You have to show up and not give up.  You have to persist and resist.  You have to do it every single day.  A general strike is what is needed, in my opinion.  If they want to shut us out then we must shut them down with chant and strikes and peaceful protest but something has to be done other than waiting on instructions from leadership or Rachel Maddow.  

Rant over..for now… mic drop.

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