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So what 152+ Republicans are saying is

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140+ Republican representatives


12+ Republican Senators

What there are saying is; if we had a majority in both houses we would/could overturn the election.

How  democratic of them, not.

Well, I take this as a warning for the future, some are playing this as some form of game where their votes do not matter, I say every one of them should be remembered for what they are, anti-American assholes.

This is seditious behavior and I wish it could be punished.

I knew Republicans were beneath contempt, but, I never fully grasped their utter contempt for democracy.

If they had even one shred of proof of fraud, OK, but they do not and every one of them knows it.

In the image it states that we deserve better, do we really? I am beginning to wonder.

Spineless creeps.

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