So this is my first post since August 25

which is the longest I have ever gone silent here since joining this site during the 2004 cycle in December, 2003.

Given how visible I have been here, I thought I owed the community some explanation for my silence.

Let me start by noting that I have not lost interest in politics nor in what gets posted here.  I still read regularly, even if I have rarely even commented.  I will share things I encounter here on Facebook and Twitter.

I am 73, and can note the decrease in energy over the past few years.  That is certainly a contributing factor.

So is the schedule I have been leading, which between teaching 6 classes of seniors and helping coach freshman soccer players has meant that on a normal school day I leave home at 6 AM and do not return until sometime between 6:3-7:00 PM, and then still have some school related tasks to do. I also then have household tasks as well — shopping, doing laundry, paying bills, etc.  I perhaps can manage to listen to Rachel Maddow and a bit of Laurence O’Donnell before I crash and go to sleep, getting up by 5 AM.

Soccer season will come to a close in a few weeks, and then I will leave school for home by 3:30, and will be home at least 2 hours earlier than is my current pattern.

But there is more to it than just time and energy,  I have found myself wanted to reflect more deeply before I would opine publicly, in part because I have to consider carefully how I will approach topics with my students.

So let me explore and share some of this below.

  • October 5, 2019