So much more than meets the eye, and then there’s stupid fruit of the loins. So much lying and falsehoods in a masque of masks.



— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) July 3, 2020

Trump is fond of using the expression ‘wiseguy” which is always ironic for Eric. So Eric Trump posted a picture of Ghislaine Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, forgetting that there are like a billion pictures of Ghislaine with his dad.

Buying the lies and their constant repetition:


— Jessie Friend (@Jessie_Friend) July 2, 2020

1/ We know that lying is a fascist tool. We know that disinformation is used strategically by tyrants.We also know there are patterns. Trump, Putin, Orbán, and Bolsonaro use the exact same tactics. So did Mussolini. Ivan Ilyin explained why fascists leaders must lie.

2/ Steve Bannon calls the strategy of rapid fire lies, “Flooding the zone with shit.”…Bannon coached both Trump and Bolsonaro (who has been called Brazil's Trump).…

3/ The Rand Corp. describes the “Firehose of Falsehoods,” a propaganda technique of overwhelming and wearing out the audience through rapid fire lies.…We’ve read Georgie Orwell. We know the drill.

4/ Most of us—unless we're lucky—had encounters with people who leave us wondering: “Is he deliberately lying? Does he believe his warped view of reality?”Can both be true? Can a liar believe that his delusions are real, and tell a deliberate lie to get you to believe it, too?

5/ So, was Trump delusional when he said the virus would disappear, or was he trying to con us?… Cases right now are surging. Moreover, Trump has now acknowledged that maybe we should wear masks.

Trump ludicrously claimed to Fox Business just now that “I think we're gonna be very good with the coronavirus. I think that at some point that's going to sort of just disappear, I hope.” (The virus will not disappear on its own.)

6/ He has defended his downplaying of the virus by saying he feels the need to be a cheer…He has also suggested that he wants to let the virus “wash over” the population.…
Trump, asked by @benstracy about early statements downplaying COVID-19: “You have to understand, I'm a cheerleader for this country. I don't want to create havoc and shock…I'm not gonna go out and start screaming, 'This could happen, this could happen'”…
7/ To orchestrate a situation in which people will allow the virus to “wash over” the nation, he has to lie. On the other hand, he’s clearly nuts. (“Nuts” is a technical term, right?)The extent to which Trump’s lies spring from delusion, I think, involves some speculation.

8/ Locating the problem in Trump’s psyche may obscure the larger patterns.For example, locating the problem in Trump's psyche obscures the fact that Trump’s lies are a direct outgrowth of decades of American right wing politics.

9/ Consider:


Reagan’s “welfare queens”

The “Swift Boating” of John Kerry

Birtherism Locating the problem in Trump’s psyche can also give the false impression that removing Trump will solve our problems.

10/ I suspect that some (definitely not all) Never Trumpers  want to return to the Republican Party as it was in 2015.So they harp on Trump’s mental unfitness because they want to see Trump as an aberration: Get rid of Trump and the Tea Party marches happily along.

11/ Getting rid of Trump will not eliminate the conditions that allowed him to come to office. We can look at Trump through different disciplines. We can take @TimothyDSnyder's historical perspective. Or we can take @jasonintrator's philosophical perspective.

12/ We can take the sociological perspective by starting with Max Weber’s sources of authority, one of which is what today we might call a leadership cult.Or we can turn to political psychology to understand why so many people prefer authoritarianism.

13/ For me, history, sociology, philosophy, and political psychology are most useful because they help answer these crucial these questions:
Why do 40% of American voters still support Trump?
What can we do differently to help prevent this from happening again?

14/ Adding to the list in #9:…Also the NRA, religious fundamentalism, and the Republican's embrace of white supremacy and nationalism. These things have been festering in the GOP for decades.Recall @SenTomCotton's recent comments about D.C. . .

It is always critical to place Trumpism within the greater context of Right-wing discursive currents Climate Change Denialism / Birtherism / Benghazi / Hillary email obsession crated this moment…

15/  He said that if Washington D.C. becomes a state, the Democrats will get two more Senate seats “in perpetuity.” Whites are less than 50% of D.C.'s population. Cotton appears to be admitting that at no point in the future will the GOP reach out to minority communities.

16/ The problem is obvious: The GOP cannot embrace the KKK and BLM at the same time.This brings us back to Trump's lies.Lies and racism go hand in hand, because racism is based on a lie. The lie it is based on is one that a lot of people believe.

17/ Teasing out where Trump's delusions end and his deliberate lying begins may be an interesting exercise, but I'm not sure it's productive, or that— in the end— it matters. Trump is the demagogue that Alexander Hamilton warned us about in the Federalist Papers #1.



— PolitiFact (@PolitiFact) July 1, 2020

“Trump to Retaliate Against Russia by Sending Jared Kushner to Advise Kremlin”




— Jon Blumenfeld (@jblumenfeld100) July 2, 2020


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