So Legislative “Genius” Mitch McConnell Has This Plan…

As the details come in, it appears that neither Trump’s “compromise” with all of its poison pills nor a clean CR will pass a Senate cloture vote.  Democrats will not cave and vote for Trump’s wall and other white supremacists wish list items.  Republicans are going to vote as a block to kill a clean CR that goes until Feb. 8th.  The punditocracy is speculating that his is being done by the evil snapping turtle to demonstrate to both Trump and the Democrats that compromise is needed to reopen the government.

Even the stupid pundits realize that there is no Plan B after these show votes.  And McConnell was not going to do show votes.  But McConnell has worked out legislative fixes before, or so the pundits keep telling me.

There is no Plan B.  McConnell is not some legislative fixer or genius.  McConnell knows how to destroy democracy and the machine of government.  That’s all he is good at. 

It does not take a genius to fix this situation.  It just takes courage, which McConnell lacks.  I’ve said before that McConell and his fellow Republicans can override a Trump veto.  McConnell simply refuses to take this simple solution.

Instead, we get the spectacle of Democrats voting against a bunch of things that American do not want.  Then, Republicans get to vote to keep the government shutdown in support of Trump’s unpopular policy positions.  Brilliant.