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It is late for me to “decide.”   It is even later than usual for me to to vote.  I can and usually vote absentee in person on the first day possible —  I live in Virginia but work in Maryland so I have no trouble qualifying for the privilege to to do so legally.  Normally I do it on the first day possible, which this year was January 16.  Today I will go down to the County office building where I worked until I became a teacher, go in to the registrar’s office, and cast my ballot.

Why did it take me this long?  Hard to say.  In a sense I was pretty sure for whom I was likely to vote as far back as November.   The choice started to become easier as time progressed.  I knew I would never vote for Gabbard or Delaney from the start.   I have previously expressed my problems with voting for anyone older than me, which had eliminated both Biden and Sanders, and more recently also excluded Bloomberg, in all three cases even before I got to particular issues that bothered me.  I had problems with Booker on education, did not think Yang was qualified.  As the field narrowed with the withdrawals of Harris and Castro my choice became even more obvious.

And yet I wondered.  I looked at polling data and wondered if by March 3 my choice would have any realistic chance of getting the nomination.  I looked at the results of of Iowa and New Hampshire.  I also looked at the coverage being given each of the remaining candidates.  

I knew that I would in the general vote for the Democrat regardless of whom the nominee was, even if it were someone I would not support in the primary.  Even the VP choice would not be disqualifying, because the reelection of the incumbent would represent a catastrophe not only for our Republic but for the future of the world on so many levels.

After the Nevada debate, with its fireworks (which I appreciated!) and even with the general lack of attacks on so-called Republican who currently holds the office, I decided in this primary I would vote for the person I thought would by far make the best president, and not because I believe s/he would necessarily gain  the most delegates.  I think it quite possible that no one will gain the majority of first ballot votes, that the Superdelegates will therefore play a role (as I think they should),  I am hoping my choice will still be in the mix, although ultimately that does not matter in my decision. 

I am voting for Elizabeth Warren, and later today I will give her some more money.

  • February 22, 2020