So I have a question – if somebody refuses to follow the law don't they get arrested? IRS edition

This is really simple I guess. I have been taught all my life that if you do not follow the law there are consequences. The consequences can be a fine or it can be jail time or a combination of both. Also if you continue to defy the law the consequences get worse. Josh Marshall has one of the most important, straight forward points in the whole what will happen with Trump’s taxes saga. I have seen this mentioned in other arenas (e.g. Rachel Maddow) but for some reason this makes it really clear. It is the law that the IRS must turn over Trump’s taxes to Neal. There is really no grey area. This law cannot be challenged by Trump as an individual citizen (lawyers cannot do anything). All the Trump can do is as President demand the head of the IRS not follow the law. Can the President do this. Or more important can the head of the IRS use this as a reason for breaking the law. If so we are in really scary territory. It means the President can circumvent any law just because he decides to do so. If the President cannot do this will the head of the IRS go to jail for, as an individual, breaking the law?  Will Richard Neal just keep putting whoever is the head of the IRS in jail, or asking the judiciary to swear out a warrant. Can the President stop him? Can the President pardon the head of the IRS?  If he does, can the head of the IRS continue to commit the same crime?