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So Fed Up Of The Bullsh1t

Some say why are the campaigns/debates not talking about climate change?

I reply looking at the bullshit going around here and elsewhere that climate change is of little or no import for those too busy having fun throwing the dirt. Why ask important questions when one can squabble about photographs?

The reason neither candidate has been asked about climate change is because the base has not pushed for the media to do so.

Personally I am fucking sick of the whining from all sides in this as well as the feces flinging, that includes campaigns, surrogates and whoever else feels the absolute need to butt in.

I have problems with both candidates with respect to guns and especially senseless wars. I am in the Bernie camp and the real gripe I have about Hillary is on foreign policy. One thing for sure there is absolutely no reason to make things up to try an get a win. What you end up with is a lose.

I have pretty much stopped reading the so called “left wing” press and blogs because they have become unreliable at best and bloody stupid most of the time. They often remind me of the festival of dangerous idiocy going on on the right hand side of the primary.

Quite frankly the circus on our side of the aisle has become a farce and politics aside. its as bad as the rights fuck fest.

For me personally I want to hear about:

Climate change and substantive replies on how they the intend to deal with it.

Women's rights and how the intend to protect them from the rights incessant attacks. How do we deal with the equality divergence based on gender, race and sexuality?

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Voting rights and how they intend that everyone has the right and facility to vote.

How the intend to deal with the wars on terror and drugs and how they intend to reduce the fall out such as  the “prison nation” and suspension of human rights for those accused and tortured/imprisoned without trial. How do we get back on track?

Income inequality and its relation to healthcare, welfare and taxes. How do we get a more equal society in terms of education, health and opportunities?

How we really deal with gun crime?

Who farted in 68 is of no import whatsoever.

What do they intend to do, why do they think they are the best to make sure that they are put into action?

What I don’t want hear is yada, yada, but, but, manure is good for the roses.

So I listen to the candidates and which one ticks the boxes based on the past and present not only for my choice of candidate, but also in case the other one wins, what I would like is that they end up in the same damn book, let alone on the same page.

You want the candidates to give substantive replies to what concern you, demand that the media does its job.

If you disagree with a candidates stance, tell them and not the world in general, especially if you cannot substantiate your argument with facts.

Good grief, I hate primary elections, it brings out the clowns.

As for the Republican Debate, that was some scary stupidity on display. Let’s try harder.

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