So far Elizabeth Warren is having a spectacular first week


Elizabeth Warren has always been my first choice for president and I was disappointed when she decided not to run in 2016, but I understood. I know corporate America fears and loathes her and she does not fear them. I worry that they will bring all their power against her (you will not hear a single negative comment about Joe Biden if he runs from the traditional media, at least during the primaries. They will savage him during the elections).  I am thrilled by the (so far) first week that Warren in having and I see hope that we may finally get the president that will lead us into a progressive 21st century (it may be our last chance).

Warren has done some great stuff so far. The opening video was spot on. Her interviews have been both good and brave. Yes we probably need to get out of Afghanistan, Trump isn’t an aberration of the Republican party he is an accelerant of its core belief system. Things most Democrats are reluctant to say. She totally pantsed Holy Joe Lieberman (my favorite but not the most important) The most important thing that has happened for Warren however is something that she did not do. It is something the grass roots did for her.  By now everybody is familiar with the infamous article on Warren published in Politico almost moments after she announced. Honestly they must have had it on the shelf waiting for Warren to announce. I won’t go into detail about the article. Enough to say it was misogynistic in almost exactly the same way Hillary Clinton was treated (yes it was written by a female — Natasha Korecki, it is important people be called out by name on these things – but sometimes they can be worse than males). Anyway, what is most important is that there was swift and brutal push back from the social media community, especially Twitter, that made it in to (admittedly progressive) mainstream media (Yaa Chris Hayes, the best part of your show last night was warning people not to pay attention to these types of articles).  The push back was especially intense on Twitter.  Many don’t realize it but this was Twitter’s original reason for being, the idea that high levels of interconnected short messages could begin to sway the public discourse (Dana Milbank and others trying to be clever is a bastardization of the platform). From what I can tell the push back had a real impact and the traditional media has backed off from the misogynistic critique of Warren (for now).

This will have an impact. If every time and article like this is published there is swift and brutal feedback (Twitter has a lot of negatives but this is a positive) there will be far few of these types of articles. Warren (and Harris) may be able to run without being impeded by the same hoary memes  that have infected our political discourse, hurt Clinton much worse than Russian trolls, and seem impossible to get rid of.

Different from others I don’t think Sanders will run. I like Bernie and I take him at his word, he just wants to change the conversation.  I think he knows Elizabeth Warren is a much better messenger because she speaks confidently in an Oklahoma accent. I believe Bernie will cede the field to her, especially after what has come out this week. (I don’t want to repeat it, don’t think Bernie knew about it, don’t think he should be judged, but I also think he is a person who understands its consequences).  I have a second reason for hoping Bernie does not enter the race. So far the two most high profile politicians who really understand social media and wield it with elegant power are AOC and Beto. It would help if AOC got behind Warren as early as possible (which I think would happen if Bernie did not enter). For what it’s worth I think Beto is too smart to enter the primaries this year. He isn’t seasoned enough (even if successful he saw how Obama got played in his first few years) and I really believe he wants to watch his children grow up. I believe once he sees a front runner he will get behind that person angling for Vice President of some high position in the government (CPB? That will really be high profile under Warren) from which to learn and launch a later campaign.