Corporate Nightmare Song - SNL

SNL skit ‘Corporate Nightmare’ illustrates corporations’ self-sustaining by preying on human flaws

I love Saturday Night Live during the election period. They seem to get the best insightful writing during elections. A real fast-paced youthful SNL skit, ‘Corporate Nightmare’, about working for the corporate structure had so many messages that explain its self-sustaining selective nature that preys on human flaws.

SNL skit: ‘Corporate Nightmare’ self-sustained by human nature

My thoughts on this SNL skit HERE.

Watch the video first. I cut it down to two minutes by taking out the fluff without affecting the essence of the writing. After watching the video, I ask that you give it some thought I found the subtle message to be extremely powerful.

Most activists, community organizers, and corporate employees will immediately get it even if they do not share the belief that our current corporate structure hurts most. What one will immediately agree on is that there is a self-sustaining nature and most of the parts on the “person” level were immediately evident.

When you are done watching please check out my thoughts on the SNL skit from the viewpoint of one who thinks our current economic model is not only ultimately detrimental to most but contrived. Most importantly I am interested in your thoughts both on the video and on how I think it spoke to activists, community activists, and others who fight against corporate personhood and corporate indoctrination (read Powell Manifesto).

Please visit my thoughts on the video here.

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