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Smart guy Ted Cruz tried to hoodwink Americans on the courts. Remind your party?

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Ted Cruz believes Americans are stupid. Really! He made an unchallenged comment that should've been used against every GOP Senator.

Ted Cruz is not a great debater but a wordy con

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Ted Cruz, with his I-am-so-much-more-intelligent-than-you tone, scolded Democrats coming out against Amy Coney Barrett. He used a narrative highlighting his major attribute, lying & misleading, with a false air of authority.

Cruz claims that Democrats and Republicans have fundamental differences in their view of the court. It is true that the Democrats differ in the purpose of the court.

“Democratic Senators view the court as a super-legislature, as a policy-making body, as a body that will decree outcomes to the American people,” Cruz said. “And that vision of the court is something found nowhere in the constitution. And it is a curious way to want to run a country.”

Our Congresspersons and Senators are supposed to legislate. They create laws. The Supreme Court ensures that the laws that Congress creates fall within the prevue of the Constitution.

There is nothing in healthcare law, a law like the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, that makes it unconstitutional. In fact, most Americans want the law to remain in place. Republicans have been attempting to kill the law legislatively since its inception. They were unable. So they are doing all that they can to get it killed by the Supreme Court.

Ted Cruz is projecting. He is accusing Democrats of what Republicans are clearly doing. I wish more Senators called him out specifically, and Republicans in general.

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