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Slow them down…?

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We are in the 21st Century, not the fourteenth, nor is it the 1860s. Yet, we have a President who, in the span of one week, has reportedly threatened to use an alligator filled moat at the border, start a Civil War, execute a man or woman whom President Trump believes is a threat to his administration, and shoot migrant women, children, and men in the legs in an effort to, “slow them down.”

Okay, okay I have not been successful, but I have tried to understand why anyone is a Trump voter

…but for the life of me seeing people, whom I may have disagreed with politically but respected their intellect, crumble under the banner of Trump-ism baffles me.  Mike Pompeo delivered a garbled, obviously deceitful, answer to a question about his knowledge of the now-infamous phone call between Mr. Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky.  GOP Senators and House members are pretending they have not read the partial transcript of the call. They pretend that conspiring with a foreign government, to affect the outcome of an American election, is okay.  They pretend threats to the safety of an innocent fellow American is ok.

I used the word ‘pretend’ pointedly.  I do not believe that Republicans are that dumb, but I do believe they lack political and personal morals.  Just ask Merrick Garland or Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford.  Confront Devin Nunes, who covertly crept across the White House lawn about why he delivered information to Trump’s White House when he was the chair of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, investigating the President.  Query Vice President Mike Pence, who wanted to deny transgender men and women the right to use the bathroom of their choice. Subsequently, he was quiet when his boss misused campaign funds to cover up sleeping with pornstar, Stormy Daniels.  Meanwhile, his [Trump] wife, who had recently given birth, was at home with their child; ask him [Pence] about his selective morality.  

Surprising to some, my quarrel is not with Donald Trump.  Paraphrasing the late Denny Green the one-time coach of the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals, he is who we thought he was.  Donald Trump is the product of selfish avarice, skewed loyalty and a misaligned moral center matched by very few.  He finally has an equal footing to seek the friendships of the authoritarians he has dreamed himself to be for years. Admittedly, all of this is conjecture and may come off as amateur psychiatry but examine the evidence.

He called for the death penalty of five young men of color who were implicated in a horrific set of crimes and violence, most notably against a white female jogger named Trisha Meili, in Central Park in April of 1989. Markedly, 3 other victims related to the night of “wilding” as it was termed, were people of color.  Trump’s fury was centered on the Black and Latino teens. Years later, when the men were completely absolved of the crime Mr. Trump kept up his demands that they be killed and to this day has never said he was wrong or apologized.  So, is it any wonder that a man incapable of remorse, humility or afterthought wants flesh piercing spikes atop a border fence; moats filled with alligators or snakes and orders issued to shoot migrants, which include women and children; Why?  ‘To slow them down’    

Vote in 2020 for Change.          

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