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Slow News Day in KY: GOP Establishment Does Not Like Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY 4th).

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Seems some folks in the Republican establishment want to send a message to Republican Congressman Thomas Massie (KY-4th):  we don’t like you being a pain in the ass.  Phillip M. Bailey of the Courier-Journal has a couple of sources who confirmed that the GOP establishment is trying to recruit a primary challenger to Tea Party lunatic Massie.

Two independent sources with knowledge of campaign discussions say state Rep. Kim Moser, R-Taylor Mill, is being groomed for a possible bid against the congressman, who has gained notoriety for opposing bipartisan measures big and small.

Moser acknowledged in an interview with the Courier Journal that she's been approached by national party figures about taking on Massie in next year's Republican primary.

“We land on the same place on some issues, and obviously we're both very conservative and libertarian-leaning,” she said. “But I would fall more in the pragmatic, solution-oriented camp and that's always going to be my issue. I think it's fine to disagree, but I'm always looking for solutions, and that's not what I see from Congressman Massie.”

For those of you not familiar with the Kentucky 4th Congressional District and Massie, I will give you the essentials.  Massie won his first primary and got into congress with the help of a millionare college student by the name of John Ramsey.  Massie and Ramsey are libertarians.  Enough said there I guess.

Massie was also one of the assholes who blocked the most recent disaster relief bill.  In fact, Massie votes against most disaster relief bills.  His resistance to natural disaster relief is that the national debt is too high, and he is all fiscally conservative, except for voting for Trump’s tax cut that is not paid for. 

However, once a disaster relief bill is passed, he is the first one up asking for money for his constituents.  Massie explains his hypocrisy this way:

“While it’s true that I’ve consistently voted against bloated spending bills and unbalanced budgets, it’s also true that once these bills pass, it’s my constituents who must bear the burden of the taxes and debts incurred by these bills,” Massie said. “Therefore, it is with a clear conscience that I advocate for our congressional district’s fair share, if those bills ultimately pass.

Anyway, I suspect Massie’s blocking the latest disaster relief bill may have been the final straw for some in the GOP establishment.

In May, Massie gained national attention for temporarily blocking a $19 billion disaster relief plan before it ultimately passed. He said it was because of “legislative malpractice” by Democratic leaders who failed to have the full House vote on the measure.

“Certainly, it was shocking to me that he was a 'no' vote on disaster relief,” Moser said. “We all understand there's a fiscal reality, but to take that vote seemed harsh.”

The Courier-Journal article also cites Massie being a complete asshole on voting for back pay for federal workers after Trump’s tempter trantrum and government shutdown.  They failed to mention that he didn’t vote for Congressman Paul Ryan for Speaker after Boehnor said, “Fuck this.  I’m going golfing!”  I’m sure this displeased some of the bigwigs in the GOP establishment.

Now, will this matter to Democrats in KY?  While I always enjoy a Republican dogfight, this will not directly benefit Kentucky Democrats.  Sadly, the KY-4th has been red since I was a kid.  I think they voted in a Blue Dog Democrat for a couple of terms, but with that exception, it has been reliably Republican.  Hell, Massie has been winning by 30 percentage points in his campaigns.  

The only way I see this directly benefiting Democrats is if this gets to be an expensive primary campaign.  The more money Republicans have to spend against each other the less they may have against Democrats.  But given how Tea Party lunacy dominates now in KY, Massie may dispatch Moser with little to no problem.

However, there is a canary in our coal mines in KY.  Governor Matt Bevin.  He is up for re-election this year, and Bevin is a Tea Party lunatic.  But Bevin has managed to piss off many Republicans.  If Bevin goes down to defeat in November, it’s possible — possible mind you — that this may show establishment Republicans in KY that the Tea Party is vunerable.

Just have to wait and see.

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