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#SlayorPete at it again on Fox

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He utterly humiliated this anchor in his last appearance, so she wanted to “redeem” herself. This is the man who got a standing O at a Fox town hall event. As you can see, she tried setting Pete up so she could knock him down. 

It went as well as you thought it would:


Pete showcased Martha’s racism when she tried to justify that other nations were recovering better economically from the virus because they don’t have our “diverse” population with all of our “problems.”   Yes, the reason our economy sucks isn’t because of Trump mismanaging and ignoring our pandemic—no, it’s because we have Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. 

I’ve heard that argument before from conservatives. They believe that homogenous nations do better and diversity kills us.  

Once again, this clip will go viral and Fox will look racist and terrible. But they will invite Slayor Pete on and try again. 

I can’t wait.



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