Slate Magazine's The Surge Has Joe Biden Beating Trump In 6 Out Of These 7 Swing States

Joe Biden

If Slate Magazine is starting to tracking polling on. who’s leading in key swing states:

For the past few weeks, as everyone’s attention has turned from the election to the virus, we’ve been trying out different things to rank. Governors, world leaders, stuff like that. But this week, we get back to the election—the general election, now that Bernie Sanders has dropped out—which may not involve public campaign appearances by either candidate for quite some time. Despite the paucity of formal electioneering, socially distanced voters can still respond to pollsters, so there’s a good amount of state-level data available about the matchup that we now know—to the extent we can know anything about what will happen in the future in the United States or on Earth—will be on the ballot this November. Here, a ranking of the seven swingiest swing states in order of their current measured swinginess (i.e., how narrow the margin is between Donald Trump and Joe Biden) according to the most recent poll available for them conducted by a pollster with a FiveThirtyEight rating of B-minus or higher. (Yes, this week we actually have standards.) One particular state that’s not in the Trump column, despite its typically favorable attitude toward spray tans and lying about real estate, may surprise you!

I have signed up for their updates and I will post their swing state rankings. I recommend you read their ratings and analysis but here’s a quick summary on who’s leading in the swing states:

  • Arizona: Biden +1
  • Wisconsin: Biden +3
  • Michigan: Biden +3
  • North Carolina: Biden +4
  • Ohio: Biden +4
  • Texas: Trump +4
  • Florida:  Biden +6

Click here to read the analysis on the swing states.

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  • April 10, 2020