Sit in your house or stand in the streets..You really don't have a choice anymore

We are in a warzone.  We have greedy, crooked people in leadership and we have to do something or we have to do nothing.  That is it.  Do you trust the elections?

I wish I could say I did but I don’t.  A foreign entity IMO controls the gun lobby, the  money behind Trump, McConnell and a legislature that can’t get back to Washington to make a stand and stand until they can stand no longer.   This normalization of babies being shot in the face and children dying and being traumatized is affecting us all.

This is a cowardly country that has this many mass shooting, corruption and people sitting back and just talking, texting or not knowing what to do.   Martin Luther King knew what to do.   Vietnam War Protestors knew what to do.  Civil rights advocates knew what to do.  People in other countries know what to do.

Are we waiting on some international intervention?  What?

Where are you going to go?  Church?  Movies? Concert? Shopping?  Driving?  Ballgames?  School?  It doesn’t matter which state, it is happening all over America or what used to be America.  Be happy with your four walls because the gun lobby and cowardly legislators like Mitch McConnel and governors have imprisoned you in your own house and even there, you are not safe.   

What ?  What will this generation do to stop this if we can’t depend on elections, which I am not certain is fair or even close to fair.

I am almost 70.   I have never seen times like this and I remember the part about protecting this country against enemies foreign and DOMESTIC and it is domestic terrorism at this time in this warzone.  This movement has to be started and not just one day, one week, one month but camped out, not moving and demanding action to return to normalcy.  

You want to know why nothing is being done?  They don’t know what to do.  Give them a clue.  Show up in masses from the capitol to all 535 legislators to demand 

action.   In the meantime, I guess we start setting up MASH tents at schools, churchs, concerts, ballgames and every gathering place in all 50 states.

  • September 1, 2019