since 2017, Steve Bannon concluded Donald Trump was suffering from 'early stage dementia'

Darn that confirmation bias, the enabling veered many places during the former president’s tenure. Needless to say, Bannon’s disinformation messaging is legend.

Bannon later started a covert campaign for invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him

Veteran 60 Minutes producer Ira Rosen claimed on Tuesday that while working for the White House, Steve Bannon concluded that Donald Trump was suffering from “early stage dementia.”

Rosen made the allegations while appearing as guest on the podcast Skullduggery, hosted by Yahoo News editor in chief Daniel Klaidman and their chief investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff.

Discussing his memoir Ticking Clock, which was released on Feb. 16, Rosen gifted Skullduggery listeners with some of the bombshell revelations included in his much anticipated tell-all.

Rosen and Bannon developed somewhat of a relationship after the producer invited the former White House official to sit down for a 60 Minutes interview. The two allegedly exchanged pages worth of text messages before Bannon finally agreed to an interview once he had been fired by Trump.

“Steve is a big talker — kind of a big gossiper,” Rosen said at the 11:47 mark, explaining why he maintained a relationship with Bannon. “He became a big source for a lot of media people in Washington, and during that period of time that I was with him, he was — I became kind of a therapist.”

Rosen recalled flying to Washington D.C. on a Saturday night to meet with Bannon at the White House, leading to a string of meetings, during which Bannon would reveal information and stories regarding Trump.…

  • February 16, 2021