Silent George Floyd protest in the very red Houston suburb TX, Kingwood

Dr. Jay Theis, a Kingwood resident organized a silent protest. He did so in this very Red Republican suburb of Houston, Kingwood Texas, likely to illustrate that the George Floyd murder-by-cop touched people everywhere.

“I felt I had to do something,” Theis replied when asked why he organized the silent protest. “I think part of it is movements develop a critical mass to make them become big. We saw that with the Occupy movement. We see that with this movement and fundamental change can happen because of that.”

Dr. Jay Theis explains reasons for George Floyd's silent protest in Kingwood

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Theis then continued.

“I've always tried to do things so after Freddie Gray in Baltimore happened, I started doing some panels on race at schools to try and raise awareness,” Theis said. “I think also at the time my understanding of the problem has grown. I've been listening to the stories of black Americans. And what they deal with which I will never deal with. And never even considered. And those things sort of make you think, I got to do something.”

The silent protest did not disappoint. Several dozen people attended this quickly put together event. It garnered people of just about every ethnicity and race. Reflecting the area it was likely 80% white or so. That's very pleasing because it is a trend of awareness that has started to come to this community that far too long has been myopic about America let alone racial issues.

What was most impressive was both the depth of understanding of most and those who just knew something was wrong.

Residents speak at George Floyd's silent protest in Kingwood TX

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The attendees who were willing to speak were all impactful in many forms. Listen to all their comments in the video above. Two women had statements that stuck with me.

The first woman in the video channeled Angela Davis. The second woman was driving doing her errands in Kingwood. She came upon the silent protest and said she got excited that the people in her community made her “Proud of Kingwood.” She stopped and borrowed posters to hold up.

Altogether, George Floyd's silent protest was very successful. It is clear that Kingwood is in a different place as there was much more support than there was during the year where Occupy Kingwood occupied the same space every Saturday for 52 consecutive weeks. Check out the full experience here.

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