in an editorial titled  Editorial: The Times editorial board recommends Joe Biden for president (warning — if you have an ad blocker you might have to unblock at least this page in order to read).

Several quick comments, before getting to the editorial.

First, the Seattle Times was traditionally the more CONSERVATIVE of the then two major dailies in Seattle (the other, the Post-Intelligencer, is now only an online outlet).

Second, this is incredibly early for a major newspaper to make an endorsement.

So the first question might be, why now?

Well, perhaps the first three short paragraphs makes it clear:

Enough is enough. Four years after Donald Trump won the presidential election, it is time for a nationwide reckoning.

The election of Democrat Joe Biden in November will go far toward restoring   honor and integrity to the presidency and the national ethos.

The vindictiveness and greed that have characterized Trump’s tenure wrought damage to government, institutions and U.S. relationships abroad that will take years to mend. Federal failures to resolve the pandemic and economic crises require accountability. And the intentional aggravation of partisan divides across the country cannot be allowed to persist.


vindictiveness and greed


But there is more.