Shutdown Shmutdown! Lowlights From This Trump Shutdown.

If you are a Republican president, you know you have shit on yourself when TigerBeat On the Potomac has this for a headline:

'Hunker down like a jackass': Shutdown could drag on for weeks

The president spends Christmas Eve 'all alone in the White House,' complaining about Democrats with no end to the closure in sight.

The Shutdowner-in-Chief is all alone in the White House Tweeting, and this is what one of his loyal sycophants in the Senate had to say:

And the Capitol was empty on Monday save for a quick House session and Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), who told everyone to prepare for a long standoff.

“This is my fifth shutdown. I’m beyond frustrated. LBJ said, ‘Sometimes you just have to hunker down like a jackass in a hailstorm and just take it.’ So that’s where we are,” Roberts told reporters. “Every one of the shutdowns I’ve been associated with have not worked. And they worked to the advantage of the people that are on the other side.”

It is not like Roberts has any real power to do anything.  Oh wait.  He is a Republican Senator who can save Trump’s ass if he gets impeached and has a trial in the Senate.  Nevermind.

And Democrats are actually confident in their position on this shutdown, which is refreshing:

While Trump has told allies he’d be willing to come down from his demand for $5 billion in border wall money, Democrats have stood firm on $1.3 billion for fencing, consistent with current spending levels. On Saturday, Pence offered Schumer a bill to reopen the government that would provide $2.1 billion for fencing and an additional $400 million for Trump's other immigration priorities; Democrats countered with $1.3 billion in fencing and more aid for Puerto Rico as part of a disaster package, according to a person familiar with the talks, which essentially recirculated past offers.

I think that whole “Pelosi is going to Speaker in January” has something to do with Democrats showing some strength and firmness.  And I do not think it has registered with the Orange plant in the White House either.  And even TigerBeat is predicting this shutdown will continue into mid-January.

Democrats need to hold firm on that 1.3 billion in border security.  They cannot give in to Trump on this one.  Yes, it will hurt hundreds of thousands of people, but it is Trump’s doing.  If Democrats give in, it will encourage more actions like this.