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Shorter Senator Bennet: We Will Have to Wait Years Before We Do Anything.

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Does anyone seriously consider that Democrats are going to pick a SUPER majority in the U.S. Senate come 2020?  That Democrats are doing to get up to 60 or more Senate seats?  Really?  But according to Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado, Democrats NEED to keep the filibuster because it will force us to gain a super majority to get things done, at least that is his argument.  Until that time, getting rid of the filibuster and passing any legislation with a thin majority is a fool’s errand.

Here is the link:…

OK.  Susie Madrak tries her best, but I cannot make any sense of Bennet’s argument.

First, we would be damn lucky to get a majority in the U.S. Senate next year.  But Bennet thinks for us to pass any bills, we need a super majority.  And to come up with that super majority, we need to focus on American voters in the geographical middle of the country because…Well, here is what he says:

“I believe that we need an agenda that the middle of the country geographically is going to support. That's what we have to do. I don't think there's a shortcut to that. Every single person, including Harry, and I love Harry, who's calling for the end to the filibuster doesn't remember that Mitch McConnell is majority leader of the Senate. He could end the filibuster tomorrow. If he wanted to add congressional seats in Utah or wherever else, he could end the filibuster tomorrow.

“We have to win these races. There's no shortcut around that. And I think that's why it matters so much, the policies that our presidential candidates, you know, are presenting in this campaign. If we really are going to be the policy of Medicare for All, then we should expect to have 30 members of the United States Senate, not 51 or 55 or 60.”

Well, Moscow Mitch doesn’t care about passing much legislation, especially with the House in Democratic hands.  Instead, he is focusing on shoving conservative judges onto the bench, and Moscow Mitch doesn’t need to worry about the filibuster with that.  Thererfore, this is a BS argument from Bennet.

And the logical conclusion from Bennet is that any Democrat will NOT GET ANYTHING DONE UNTIL THAT SUPER MAJORITY MAGICALLY APPEARS.!

I can’t tell you how pissed off I am by this BS.

Americans are to be patient and reward Democrats with a super majority because we took the time to convince the folks in MO to vote Democratic?  I have been through this before, and Americans will not wait patiently while nothing gets done, at least when Democrats are in charge.  It’s why Moscow Mitch used that filibuster to stop Obama’s agenda.  And it lead to the eventual Republican takeover fo the U.S. Senate.

And that electoral loser Claire McCaskill joined in with “Don’t get rid of the filibuster!”  She ran her campaign as she wanted, and she lost.

What I think is going on is that many of the so called centrists in the Senate do not want to vote on anything that will upset their corporate donors.  And the filibuster gives them cover.  “Hey voters! I voted to end debate, but we just didn’t have the votes for Medicare for All or The Green New Deal!  Sorry!”

The filibuster has been used as a weapon by Moscow Mitch to make the Senate dysfunctional.  And Bennet wants to allow Moscow Mitch continued access to his weapon of choice.  I don’t know about you, but Bennet’s arguments is for more gridlock.

His presidential campaign cannot collapse soon enough for me.

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