She did better this Christmas but let's set the record straight.

The Christmas season is upon us and even the decorations get politicized.  I saw a commercial of Be Best Melania walking through her decorative WH theme this year.  I have to admit she did so much better than the bloody trees and spooky decorations of Christmas Trump past.   

I started reading the comments of comparing Michelle Obama’s decorations with Melania Trump’s.  I could not help myself.   I posted a Snopes Video right smack dab in the middle of the oohs and ahhs of the 2019 White house decorations.

No one banned the Nativity Scene nor refused to say Merry Christmas during the Obama Presidency on celebrating Christmas.   It was ridiculous, with a photo shoot of Be best Melania ( whatever that means) acting like she was selling Christmas trees.  It actually reminded me of a commercial from Balsam Fur Christmas Farms.   The warmth of the Obama’s and actualy joy is unmistakeable.

I have to admit the Winter Wonderland this Christmas at the White House is very pretty, especially to the God awful Christmas decor of their first two years.   This one is actually very pretty.   It appears phony, like every thing else though.   

Compare the two and you will really get what I mean.  Michelle Obama speaks and President Obama seems full of the spirit of Christmas.   Trump is no where to be found and Melania walks around in heels ( when does she not parade around in stelletos?).  There is warmth in the Obama’s.   I don’t see that display from the Melania decor.   

Here is Michelle Obama’s and what I posted on you tube via Snopes…and it is joyous and uplifting.  

Below is the ALL WHITE ( of course it is) Winter Wonderland of the Trump’s.

Better but still cold looking.  One feels real, the other feels like just another modeling job.   Maybe next year  it will be decorated in all orange.  Wouldn’t that be more fitting for the Trump presidency?

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