She counted ballots in a pandemic, and he killed two people. Guess who gets treated like a hero?

Normal, decent people were outraged when Kyle Rittenhouse, the Kenosha killer charged with first-degree intentional homicide, was made into a right-wing celebrity. All of the videos we’ve seen of him are unpleasant, whether he’s shooting people, or punching a girl. Yet Tucker Carlson praised him. Failed actor Rick Schroeder put up hundreds of thousands of dollars to bail him out of jail. Alex Jones let Rittenhouse’s mother sell “Free Kyle” merchandise on his show. Michelle Malkin even took the killer’s family out for a night on the town.

The GOP has developed quite a knack for making heroes out of gross people. Mitch McConnell hired the smarmy kid from Covington Catholic, Nick Sandmann, as a grassroots director right after Donald Trump had him speak at the Republican National Convention. His qualifications were essentially the ability to smirk on camera. Then there’s the McCloskeys, whose entire claim to fame is pointing guns at peaceful Black protesters. They too were given a primetime RNC slot and used it to stoke racial fear. Mike Lindell, the infamous MyPillow CEO, is a star at conservative events, despite promoting insurrection and violence. Conservative cable networks are already making excuses for the Jan. 6 insurrectionists, even referring to them as “patriots.” Expect a few of those domestic terrorists to get their own “opinion” shows.

  • January 29, 2021