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shaky ground under that bus: Mick Mulvaney is in trouble

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More likely, if Mulvaney’s approval was necessary to move digital items like phone call memos to the so-called secret server, he’ll be in much bigger trouble than not having a response strategy for the release of the Ukraine summary of 25 July. Cover-ups are always hard to manage once a portion of inculpatory information gets out. Mick is no John Kelly.

The sources say the President is not upset with Mulvaney for the White House releasing the summary of his July 25 call with Ukraine's leader or the whistleblower complaint because he had been convinced that it was necessary.
What Trump and other aides are frustrated with, according to the sources, is that Mulvaney did not have a strategy for defending and explaining the contents of those documents as soon as they were publicly released.
One of the sources says it's not just the President, but also widespread frustration in the White House about the lack of a response plan to deal with the fallout after the release of the whistleblower complaint ignited more controversy surrounding the President. The sources say Mulvaney is taking the heat for that.…



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