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Sensing Americans are not yet dumb enough, Trump threatens university funding

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Yes, I remember the field trip we all took to Weather Underground HQ. It was eye-opening, and some of us got ice cream afterwards as a reward for making the best fertilizer bombs.

So let’s go after the universities now! You know, if all those eggheads who invented these annoying COVID tests had worked at Chuck E. Cheese instead of research labs, this whole coronavirus crisis would have gone away overnight. Too much book-learnin’, not enough peon-to-president-prostratin’!



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As Trump himself has said, he’s a wartime president. Of course, I never thought he’d be going to war with our educational institutions. That seems, I don’t know, counterproductive.

This “news” comes in the wake of the Trump administration’s benighted decision to revoke the visas of international college students who can’t attend classes in person due to, you know, the extremely contagious killer virus.

Thankfully, California is suing the administration over this blatant bullying tactic, and other states are sure to follow. But it says something that Trump’s No. 1 priority right now is not pandemic mitigation but old-fashioned know-nothingism. 

Trump is plumbing the depths of the cesspool now, hoping he can dredge up votes while he stirs up shit. I’m guessing it’s nothing but shit all the way down. 

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