Senator Sanders’ question highlights the obscene nature of our healthcare system

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Senator Bernie Sanders asked a question that should be simple to answer. In any humane society with a humane healthcare system, without thinking, any administration official would simply answer yes.

In healthcare, the answer should be an easy ‘yes’ on this one.

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Senator Sanders asked a very simple question. Will everyone, rich, poor, or otherwise have access to any COVID-19 developed vaccine. One would think that every single Trump official would jump in and answer a definitive yes.

No one could say absolutely that everyone would have access to the vaccine. The FDA director replied that he would hope so but it did not fall under his preview and would take it back to the administration’s COVID-19 team.

Admiral Bret Giroir, Trump’s Czar gave a similar answer. The trepidation with which he asked the question was disturbing.

COVID-19 should not be relegated to being yet another profit center in our healthcare system. It would not be surprising if the Trump cabal like they have ensured profit for the few with ventilators and PPEs, would extort from the American people before affording all access to the vaccine. The past is probative.

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  • May 12, 2020