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Senator McConnell hammers the last nail into Donald Trump's coffin. Good Riddance!

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With his acceptance of President Biden's inevitability, Senator McConnell has given all other Republicans permission to call it in.

McConnell throws in the towel for Donald Trump

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Senator Mitch McConnell tried his best to be nice to Donald Trump. It likely does not matter to the President. He will hate the Majority Leader going forward.

“Our system of government has processes to determine who will be sworn in on January the 20th,” McConnell said. “The electoral college has spoken. So today I want to congratulate President-Elect Joe Biden. The President-Elect is no stranger to the Senate. He's devoted himself to public service for many years. I also want to congratulate the Vice President-Elect, our colleague from California, Senator Harris. Beyond our differences, all Americans can take pride that our nation has a female Vice President-Elect for the very first time. I look forward to finishing out the next 36 days strong with President Trump. Our nation needs us to add another bipartisan chapter to this record of achievement.”

It is hard to believe that it has taken the majority leader this long to acknowledge that Trump had lost the race. In the process, he has allowed his party's autocratic wing to grow more so than the political brute force McConnell is a master of since he has been the majority leader.

Steve Schmidt is correct. Another Republican must not win any presidential elections from now on, given the entire Republican Party's behavior this cycle.

We have always known that we were governed by an infantile president who cared solely for himself and not his country. It was a dereliction of duty of all Republicans in leadership that they allowed Donald Trump to corrupt the perception of our electoral process.

What it has shown, however, is that we must make major changes. It is undemocratic that even with a 7 million-plus majority of the vote that Joe Biden could have lost the election because of three states in the electoral college. America has no right to preach Democracy to any other country in the world until it fixes its own.

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