Senator Elizabeth Warren destroys an exasperated Chris Matthews GOTCHA question

Chris Matthew thought he could corner Senator Elizabeth Warren into providing a video clip to hang her with later. He failed miserably as the Senator completely outsmarted and outlasted the direction he attempted to steer the interview.

Senator Elizabeth Warren obliterates Chris Matthews

Earlier in the debate, Jake Tapper did frame his question based on Republican talking points. He asked if Medicare For All would increase the taxes of Americans. Both Sanders and Warren always answer those questions correctly. It is not about one's individual government taxes increasing. It is about out of pocket expenses for health insurance and medical care.

The corporate media wants to have the soundbite and video clip with candidates saying Medicare for All will increase their taxes. Candidates should not. Leave it to the activists who can discuss the policy in paragraphs instead of in snippets to ensure the entire concept is well understood.

A caller to Politics Done Right asked a similar question and I spent the time to explain it to him. I gave him a simplified answer.

A family making $50,000 may pay $5,000 in Federal Income Taxes and $12,000 in health insurance — that $12,000 goes to an insurance company. That insurance usually has anywhere from a $500 to $10,000 deductible. There are traditionally copays associated with it as well. So even with this insurance and level of payments, if one uses health care, they can still be relegated to bankruptcy. In effect, out of pocket expenditures for health care and taxes can leave little for all other standard household and living expenses.

Single-Payer Medicare for All simplifies everything and cost less in the aggregate. That same person would still pay that $5,000 in Federal Income Tax. They may then pay, who knows, $5,000 in health care taxes. The taxes would actually be progressive, meaning if you make less you pay less. If you make more, you pay more. Every single American would have access to health care without concern for deductibles. One could actually plan their life without the fear of worrying that if they get sick their entire outcome changes including the possibility of bankruptcy.

Kudos to Elizabeth Warren. She showed that she has what it takes.