Received this e-mail from U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D, OH) in support of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign:

I want to talk to you about my friend Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has dedicated his life to serving our country, and has never forgotten whom he fights for: the millions of Americans who are working hard, but feel like they can't earn their way to a better life, no matter how hard they work.

I’ve seen it firsthand: Joe has spent his career — including the years I served alongside him in the Senate — fighting for working Americans. He’s exactly the kind of leader we need in the White House right now, and that’s why I’m proud to give him my endorsement.


Dignity of Work isn't a slogan — it's who we are, and how we govern; Joe Biden understands that. And as we face both a public health crisis and an economy in turmoil, we need a steady hand more than ever.

We need a leader who will put workers first by fixing a broken system that favors corporations and the super-rich while families struggle to make ends meet. We need a leader who recognizes the value of all work by fighting for strong wages and affordable health care. And we need a leader who will bring us together to overcome the challenges that stand in our way and lead us forward as a country.

That’s who Joe is — he has the experience, the tenacity, and the empathy to lead in a crisis, and the hope to bring us together, and steer us toward brighter days ahead.

We’ll need to be unified behind the Dignity of Work and our progressive values from now until November to make it happen. Will you add your name to mine and join me in supporting Joe Biden for president?

With gratitude,


Click here to sign up to join Biden’s campaign.

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