Okay, this is kind of significant.

And since Joe Manchin, among the least liberal Democrats of Congress, could be a thorn in the leadership’s side, it could be seismic.

The Anchorage Daily News:

U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Friday that Donald Trump should resign the presidency immediately and that if the Republican Party cannot separate itself from Trump, she isn’t certain she has a future with the party.

“I want him to resign. I want him out. He has caused enough damage,” Murkowski said during a 17-minute interview from her small Capitol office, steps away from the Senate chambers that were invaded by pro-Trump rioters on Wednesday.

Well, she had a chance to make a stand when, you know, Democrats were trying to oust him over election cheating, but better late than never, I guess.

“I think he should leave. He said he’s not going to show up. He’s not going to appear at the at the inauguration. He hasn’t been focused on what is going on with COVID. He’s either been golfing or he’s been inside the Oval Office fuming and throwing every single person who has been loyal and faithful to him under the bus, starting with the vice president. He doesn’t want to stay there. He only wants to stay there for the title. He only wants to stay there for his ego. He needs to get out. He needs to do the good thing, but I don’t think he’s capable of doing a good thing,” she said.

Thanks, Lisa. But, erm, we’ve known all this for years.



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Let’s hope more members of the Craven Caucus will wake up to what’s really happening. On Wednesday we survived an insurrection — one incited and fully supported by the actual president of the United States.

That seems pretty significant in and of itself. And Murkowski is done fucking around. More Republicans should — and must — join her.

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  • January 8, 2021