Sen. Mark Warner (D. VA) Helps His Fellow VA Democrats Keep The General Assembly Blue

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senator Mark Warner (D. VA):


We've all seen the headlines about Republican state legislatures passing outrageous voter suppression laws that roll back mail-in voting and even make it a crime to hand out water bottles at polling places. But while other states are attacking the right to vote, Virginia is leading the way with new laws expanding access to the ballot box.

Some folks forget that just a few years ago, Virginia was a hotbed of restrictive voting laws and illegal gerrymandering. Thankfully, we turned things around by flipping the General Assembly blue and electing Democrats who have championed the right to vote.

With control of Virginia's House of Delegates on the line, that progress is on the ballot this November. So I'm personally asking you to make a contribution and join me in supporting the Virginia House Democrats. Will you chip in today?

Since we flipped the General Assembly in 2019, we've made incredible progress. But we know there is so much more work to do, especially as we recover from this pandemic and get our economy back on track.

That's why holding our Democratic majority in Richmond is so important. And it's why I'm personally working to make sure we win these critical state races.

We can't afford to wait until November, not with so much on the line. Will you join me in supporting the Virginia House Democrats?

Mark Warner

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  • April 21, 2021