Sen. Kamala Harris (D. CA) Wastes No Time Helping Joe Biden Get Ready To Kick Trump's Ass

Received this e-mail today from former presidential candidate, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris (D. CA), in support of former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign:

Joe Biden is a lifelong public servant, a dedicated and compassionate leader, and a dear friend — and I could not be more proud to have endorsed him for President of the United States.

The American people deserve a commander-in-chief like Joe. Someone whose compassion and courage shine through in everything he does. Who commits to confronting the challenges facing working people and the crises threatening our nation and our world. Simply put, the soul of our nation demands nothing less than electing a leader like Vice President Biden this November.

But here’s the thing: Joe could really use our help. We’re in the early stages of the general election, which means the window to make the most impactful decisions about where best to allocate resources is closing soon. Your contribution will help inform those investments, which is why I need you to commit to supporting Joe today.

I believe in Joe, and I have a feeling you do, too. Will you pitch in $8 before Sunday’s FEC deadline to support Vice President Biden’s run for president?

Now that we’ve exited the primary, Joe’s team is really ramping up to meet the demands of the general election. What they can achieve depends on all of us coming together to meet the moment — like the FEC deadline we face this Sunday.

Donald Trump is already launching negative ads against the Vice President, and we should expect nothing but a barrage of dishonest attacks from here on out. That’s why we really need your support today, Samuel, while it is still early enough in the race to make meaningful investments that can shape the outcome of November.

The only way we can fully realize this country’s founding principles — those of justice and equality — is if we elect Joe Biden. Please, donate $8, or any amount you can, to Joe Biden’s campaign before Sunday’s end-of-month deadline. Your contribution is incredibly valuable to this team and will go a long way in this fight.

Let’s get it done,


Kamala Harris
U.S. Senator, California

Click here to donate to Biden’s campaign.

  • May 29, 2020